Interview on “Sweet Choreography Blog”

i prefer you dexter santos

My choreography and performance for bluesSHOUT 2014 with Heriberto Perez (Cleveland, OH) to Etta James’ song I Prefer You is featured on Sweet Choreography Blog (What Makes The Blues Work) for the month of July. Stephen York interviews me to find out about my thoughts, process, and how the choreography eventually came to be. Enjoy reading the article and watching the video!

Dance Crush Blues!

dance crush bluesIt’s not everyday you  get to hear your name mentioned in a song. The lovely and talented singer-songwriter and uke-slinger from Boston, MA Amy Kucharik does just that for yours truly in a groovy song called Dance Crush Blues! This new version released in 2013 is a slower, bluesy version of the uptempo acoustic guitar version released in 2011. In this song, Amy sings about the “blues” one gets when they have that awesome connection with someone on the dance floor…and when they’re not. Something we can all relate to. It’s quite a fun song to dance and listen to. I honestly admit that I smile whenever I hear Amy give her “shout outs.” Give it a listen to find out what I mean and download her music. It’s that good! Find out more about Amy Kucharik at and listen to the rest of her music on her Bandcamp page.


I’ve got a brand new blog!

I have been negligent on updating the “News & Updates” section of my website partly because I envisioned doing it as a blog and haven’t spent the time to integrate a blog function into it. Also, since I’ve been using Facebook, a lot of my updates and announcements have ended up being posted there. But now that I have installed WordPress to my site under the “News / Blog” section, this should serve my purposes in giving you more timely updates. 🙂

One of the things I’d like to do is retroactively post noteworthy items I’ve previously posted on Facebook that relate to my Blues dancing, teaching, and performing. One of my biggest news is that I’ve now relocated to the wonderful city of Seattle and now call it my home. That reminds me now to update my bio and other things previously related to my teaching in San Francisco, which is still a beautiful city that’s dear to me. Now that Seattle is my home base and whose scene I plan to participate in, cultivate, and invigorate, I’ll need to make my site current and accessible for people in finding out info and resources for Blues dancing and classes. There’s so much to update and change is gonna come!

Yours in dance,


My very first post in the “News & Updates” section for archival purposes:



For more info about the book Jookin’: The Rise of Social Dance Formations in African-American Culture by Katrina Hazzard-Gordon, click here.