Websites / Blogs / Discussions / Podcasts/ Articles on or related to Blues dancing:
Damon Stone: A blog about the cultural artform of Blues idiom dance:
Blues Unlimited: The Radio Show (a podcast with insightful interviews and personal accounts of Blues artists and musicians weaved within the history and music of Blues):
Sweet Choreography Blues: What Makes The Blues Work:
So Yeah, Blues Dance (a tumblr account with humorous gifs on Blues dancing):
Blues Dance World:
Wandering and Pondering by Jerry Salmonte:
Confessing The Blues:
Swing & Blues by Jered Morin:
Voices of the Jazz Era Ballroom:
Masculine versus Sharp: Say What You Mean (From Lindy Hop and Blues instructor Joey Science's blog that addresses the use and effect of gendered language in dancing:

Healing Through Blues Dancing (The Healing Power of Blues Dancing) Crosscurrents from KALW NEWS: and also on

National (U.S.A.) Blues Dancing Events:
Austin Blues Party (Austin, TX):
bluesSHOUT! (Traveling Event):
BluesQuake (San Francisco, CA):
bamBLOOZled (Washington, DC):
Mile High Blues (Denver, CO):
Mezzjelly Blues (Traveling Event):
North Star Blues (Minneapolis, MN):
Rain City Blues (Seattle, WA):
Rose City Blues (Portland, OR):
Space City Blues (Houston, TX):
Steel City Blues Festival (Pittsburgh, PA):
Snowbound Blues (Rochester, NY):
Sweet Molasses Blues (Boston, MA):

International Blues Dancing Events:
Blues Battle (Toronto, ON, Canada):
Fallin' In Blues (Grenoble, France):
Korea Blues Camp (Gyeonggi-do, Korea):

Drag The Blues (Barcelona, Spain):
Moonshine Lindy &
Blues Festival (Edinburgh/Peebles, Scotland):
Blues Baby Blues (London, England):
Breizh Blues Invasion (Rennes, France):
Black Swan Blues (Perth, WA, Australia):

Blues Dance venues, organizations, and instruction in the U.S.A:

AUSTIN, TX: Code Blue:
CHCAGO, IL: Big City Blues:
INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Circle City Blues:

Alibi Blues, Wednesday nights:
Blues on The Beat by Burn Blue, Tuesday nights:
Blues Underground, Friday nights:

Dedicated Dance - Dance Instruction by Karen Smith in Seattle:

Friday Night Blues:
Shades of Blues, Monday nights (Blues/Fusion/Alternative venue):
Beat The Blues, Wednesday nights (Berkeley):
South Bay Fusion, Thursday Nights (Redwood City, Blues/Fusion venue):

ST. LOUIS, MO: Blues Dance St. Louis:

Blues Dance venues, organizations, and instruction in Europe:
LONDON, ENGLAND: Sin City Blues:

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